Kshitiz International College is a contemporary, open-minded, conscientious learning centre where students rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers and leaders. Situated at the heart of Butwal, KIC aims at imparting need responsive quality education for the current and future generations of students. KIC is deeply dedicated and committed to develop competence, conscience, compassion and commitment in the personal qualities of the students. It always promotes academically solid, socially relevant and value oriented education in the country.
KIC prides itself on being an education of excellence by preparing students for the challenges ahead with programmes and counseling that are both relevant and progressive.
Therefore, KIC has been recognized as one of the developed and biggest institutions in the country. Over the years,KIC has earned sheer reputation in the field of education due to its educational excellence.

KIC is being managed by a seven member College Management Committee comprising of the academicians, entrepreneurs and industrialists, under the chairmanship of Mr. Rameshwor Shrestha. The management committee consists of the following members.

KIC Management Committee 

Mr. Rameshwor Shrestha           –              President

Mr. Surya B. Rana                      –             Secretary

Mr. Arun Kumar Kshetree          –              Member

Mr. Man Bahadur K.C.                –             Member

Mr. Hari Panthi                           –              Member

Mr. Rajendra Lamsal                 –             Member

Mr. Bharat Bhusal                      –              Member

Mr.Dr. Ishwor Gautam                –              Invitee Member

Mr. Gyanendra Kasaju                –              Invitee Member

Mr. Dr. Tara Prasad Upadhyaya    –             Invitee Member

Mr. Gopal Acharya                     –             Invitee Member

Mr. Indra Bhusal                        –              Invitee Member

Mr. Jib Nath Bhandari                –              Invitee Member

Mr. Bimal Bahadur Shakya       –             Advisor

Mr. Nirmal Lacoul                       –             Advisor

Mr. Ram Bahadur Bajimaya         –              Advisor