Rotaract PST Elect Announcement

Rotaract Club of Kshitiz International College has Successfully conducted it's Picnic program with a title "Picnic Paradise; A day of Fun & Fellowship" and 3rd Club Assembly where it has also finalized it's President-Elect ,Secretary-Elect and Treasurer-Elect for Rota year 24-25.

Program Chair: Rtr.Binay Shrestha (President of RAC KIC 2023-24)


1. Rtn Rajendra Lamsal (Vice-Principal, Kshitiz International College)

2. Mr.Niraj Lacoul  (Coordinator, Kshitiz International College)

3. Rtr.Bikram Chettri, DRR-E( District Rotaract Representative Elect)

4. Rtr.Anup Pandey, ADS(Assistant District Secretary)

5. Rtr.Dinesh Gaire, Past President, RAC Tinau City

6. Rtr.Bimal Gyawali. (Secretary, RAC Tinau City 23-24)

7.Rtr.Ram Chaudhary, RAC KIC Past President (20-21)

8. Rtr.Deepa Subedi, Past President (21-22)

9. Rtr.Narayan Bhandari, Immediate Past President(22-23)

4th Board meeting  have selected Rtr.Dikshya Khanal as President Elect for Rota Year 2024-25, Rtr.Amrit Bishokarma as Secretary Elect and Rtr.Prajwal Nepal as Treasurer Elect.